Central Soya

Central Soya Company, Inc. is a leading international agribusiness company that processes, refines, and manufactures oilseed and animal feed products. Principal operations include soybean processing, feed manufacturing, vegetable oil refining, and grain merchandising, as well as the manufacture of soy protein and lecithin. 

 Cedar Heights Clay

Operational since 1924, Cedar Heights Clay is one of the leading clay mining companies in Ohio. It processes clay for the ceramic, construction, steel and artware industries, as well as offers products for recreational purposes. The company operates processing plants. Cedar Heights Clay also provides firebrick, insulating castables, blended ores and mineral materials for the construction of glazes and kilns. The company is a part of Resco Products, which is a privately owned company that manufactures bricks, cement, mortar and raw building products. Resco Products offers materials for metal processing and several industrial applications. The company also provides online installation guides and brochures. 

Delaware & Hudson

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