RJ's Trains is proud to announce the return of Broadway Limited's California Zephyr & Wabash's Bluebird Passenger cars. The allocation deadline is August 3rd 2018 for an expected Delivery of September 2018. 

The Zephyr will be offered in two different 11 car sets at an MSRP of $799.99, or individually at $74.99 ($79.99 Dome Coach).

The Bluebird will be offered individually at $74.99 ($79.99 Dome Coach). A total of 6 unique Individual Cars will be offered for this road name as well.

For More information contact Rjstrains.com via the contact form or directly at info@Rjstrains.com

Below are additional details of the passenger cars and a little history of both lines.

California Zephyr

The California Zephyr was the train that became known as the "Silver Lady." The CZ was the grandest--and thus the most famous--way to reach the Golden State and the west. Join Broadway Limited Imports, as we remember one of the all-time premier trains with our upcoming HO Scale models, which will include the stainless steel cars and locomotives, all decorated and complete with interior detail, lighting, underbody appliances plus of course our now famous sound-equipped locomotives. BLI's Zephyrs are the most desirable California Zephyrs ever produced

The route of the California Zephyr covered 2,525 miles and took an average of two and a half days to complete. The CB&Q handled the train from Chicago to Denver, Colorado, where it was then handed over to the D&RGW. The D&RGW would then handle it until reaching Salt Lake City, Utah, where it would be taken over by the WP for its final leg into California. Scheduling intentionally placed the trains in the grandeur of the Feather River and Rocky mountains during daylight hours, while the Nevada deserts and plains states were crossed at night. This practice allowed passengers the most breath-taking views of the route during the day time. Each railroad contributed cars to the CZ, lettered for the participating roads. Even the Pennsylvania contributed a sleeping car, which we will also make available.



Wabash Blue Bird

Broadway Limited Imports is excited to bring the Wabash Bluebird train to HO! In early 1950, Wabash ceased using their heavyweight trains in favor of the new streamlined Budd cars. This sleek new beauty was named the Bluebird, Chicago to St. Louis. Bluebird train #24 would accomplish its 165 mile journey from Decatur to Englewood in roughly 163 minutes, traveling at around 61 mph. Train #21 would provide the return trip. 

Passengers were treated to radio and recorded musical programs throughout the train. This striking regional streamliner became one of Wabashs most successful trains due to dome service and its elegantly outfitted interiors successful enough for Norfolk & Western to retain the train until the advent of Amtrak in 1971.

For a regional operation the train was very stylish featuring a striking livery of dark blue and gray in conjunction with the stainless steel of the Budd cars (which also sported the blue and gray paint). The interior of the train was just as elegant and classy with various blues used throughout. While the Illinois Central is often credited with offering some of the finest passenger operations in the Midwest the Wabash actually did quite well competing against it between Chicago and St. Louis. The train made a round trip each day between the two cities and had a sister train, the Banner Blue, which carried out daytime services (until 1960 it normally operated with heavyweight equipment). According to the railroad's official 1950 timetable Trains #24 (northbound) and #21 (southbound) could make the run between the two cities in just over 5 hours carrying an average train speed around 55 mph. 


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