RJ's Trains is now Open for business with new web site and a modified name.

RJ's Trains is now Open for business with new web site and a modified name.

For somethings to be successful or have the potential to grow or how about just to be out there; "The doors Must be Open"

This is my second attempt at a sales website and I must say I have done an amazing job. On the website there are a good amount of options to choose from but there can be more. A lot more. SO thats why in a day or so I will be applying to get a dealer account with a wonderful company that is a leader in the Model Railroading industry.

It does require all three of us which are the wife, son and myself to get this thing going and hopefully going for some time.

I hear so many people say the Hobby is dead. Kids today just aren't interested like they once were. To that I say. the industry has evolved. For many years the Hobby store was the  Along with a few Model Railroading Magazines and their monthly articles we gained out knowledge. Then eBay came and still did not quite get the attention of the brick and mortar stores. Well some might of taken a moment to see what eBay was about and what did it mean to the future of the Hobby. Well the internet eventually became a simple enough place for people to buy Rail Road items at less than MSRP. How many of you can recall going into your local hobby shop and say well I can get it online for $10 less. Well what happened? You got laughed out of the store, or you received a rude offer instead. Or maybe you got a smart enough Salesmen who explained the pros and cons of acquiring the item in the different way. And if they we good and honest they could use the phrase to something like well you will get better service in person that online.

Moving forward many years it seams that both online and retail stores can live in harmony to a point. Sometimes pricing will win, sometimes service will will. But a good balance of both can make a business successful in these times changing the way we do our shopping.

I always wanted to be able to look up an engine as see what era it ran in, what cars could go with it and would it make sense on my layout. There is a lot of good material out there but someday it would be nice to have it all linked together a bit easier. Now that takes time and money. So time is what I have. Money is something I need so thus the store is opened with a small amount of items available with the hope of better things to come rather soon. If not then slowly but surely this story will continue.


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