1361707073559 - Walthers Mainline Ho 910-2321 50' Waffle-Side Box Car With Superior Doors, Burlington Northern #332152 - Rj's Trains

Walthers Mainline, 910-2321, HO Scale, 50' Waffle-Side Box Car with Superior Doors, Burlington Northern #332152

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The WalthersMainline 50' Waffle Side Boxcar is based on cars introduced in the late 1960s. These larger-capacity boxcars proved popular with both railroads and shippers. Built-in load restraints designed to fold in or out as needed were mounted to inset areas stamped on the body panels, allowing for maximum use of interior space and increased protection. The unique appearance soon gave rise to the nickname "waffle-side cars," and the prototypes remain in service to the present day handling paper, building materials, appliances and other loads. Nicely detailed and ready for service, these WalthersMainline HO Scale models are produced as a limited edition with a one-time run of these car numbers and feature Superior, Pullman-Standard or Youngstown doors as appropriate.


  • Detailed brake gear 
  • 70-ton roller bearing trucks 
  • Correct 33" turned-metal wheel sets 
  • Proto MAX metal knuckle couplers