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Accurail 20722 ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper Kit, Dakota Minnesota and Eastern #51064

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Accurail – ACF "American Car & Foundry" 3-Bay Covered Hopper Kit

Built: 1982

Wheels: Plastic

Coupler: Two piece plastic Accurail knuckle Coupler

Plastic Kit


Company History:

Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (DM&E) ( AAR reporting mark DME) is a Class II railroad operating across South Dakota and southern Minnesota in the northern plains of the United States. Portions of the railroad also extend into Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa. DM&E and Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad (IC&E) are both jointly managed by Cedar American Rail Holdings, making the combined system the largest Class II network in the US. Although Cedar American Rail Holdings manages both railroads, in reality it is a subsidiary of Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corporation, but Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad is a subsidiary of Cedar American Rail Holdings.

DM&E began operations on September 5, 1986 over tracks that were spun off from Chicago and North Western Railway in South Dakota and Minnesota. Much of the negotiations were handled by the office of Senator Larry Pressler and his legal counsel Kevin V. Schieffer. After a successful decade of growth for DM&E, Schieffer succeeded J. C. McIntyre as president of the railroad on November 7, 1996.


DM&E hauled nearly 60,000 carloads of various freight shipments in fiscal year 2002, serving approximately 130 customers along the railroad's mainline. Of these shipments, 53% were grains or grain products, 24% were bentonite and kaolin clay, 7% were cement and 5% were wood and lumber products; the remaining 11% were split among all other types of freight.

Source Wikipedia