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Atlas Trainman HO 20004863 ACF 3560 Centerflow Covered Hopper, Canpotex (CGLX) #3666

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The three-compartment ACF 3560 Centerflow Covered Hopper was designed for the transport of high-density dry bulk ladings of 50 - 60 pounds per cubic foot. About 2,214 cars were built from 1967 - 1972. This Centerflow Covered Hopper transported a wide variety of commodities, including salt, fertilizer, starch, bauxite, and clay.

True scale dimensions with accurate details
Weighted, detailed underframes
Equipped with AccuMate Knuckle Couplers
Trucks equipped with free-rolling metal wheels
Accurate painting and lettering



A Little more about Agrium Wholesale the Company

Agrium is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Crop Production Services, Inc., a subsidiary company, is based in Loveland, Colorado and is the location of Agrium's Retail Business Unit head office. The company is a part-owner of Canpotex, which manages all potash exporting from Saskatchewan.

  • Wholesale: Produces, markets and distributes crop nutrients and industrial products through the following

    o Nitrogen: manufacturing in Alberta and Texas
    o Potash: mining and processing in Saskatchewan
    o Phosphate: production facilities in Alberta and, prior to the CPO disposition as described under

    "General Development of the Business – Three Year History - 2017 – Merger", Idaho, United Stateso Wholesale Other: purchasing and reselling crop nutrient products from other suppliers to customers primarily in Europe; producing ammonium sulfate products and Environmentally Smart Nitrogen® (ESN®) polymer-coated nitrogen crop nutrients; and operations of joint ventures and




Source info From Wikipedia and Company Website.

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