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Bachmann HO 65305 GG1 Electric, Penn-Central, #4853 -DCC 7 Sound

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The electric GG-1 was introduced in the 1930s by the Pennsylvania Railroad, which needed a locomotive that could carry more rolling stock at greater speeds. Its dynamic streamlined design captured the public'simagination and made it the star of countless movies and advertisements.

- DCC Ready
- All New Tooling
- Die-cast Frame
- 12-wheel Drive
- Twin Operating Metal Pantographs that can be Powered by Overhead Wire if Desired
- Soft White LED Directional Headlights with Dimming Function
- Factory-installed 8-pin Socket Ready for DCC Decoder Installation of your Choice
- E-Z Mate(R) Mark II Couplers
- Performs Best on 22" Radius Curves or Greater

Brief history of GG-1 Penn-Central 

  • Built in 1935 (Altoona)
  • Built as 4853 for PRR then 4853 for Penn-Central
  • Scrapped 19??


Source: The GG1 Homepage

Photo Credit Unknown


Manufacturer General Electric/PRR (Altoona) with Westinghouse collaboration.
Build Date 1934 - 1943 (Cost New $250,000)
Total Produced:140 
Wheel Arrangement: 2-C+C-2
Dimensions: 79ft 6in  x 10ft 4in x 15ft (Pantograph Down) Max Line Speed 100Mph 
Max Continuous Power Output 4,620Hp (3,450kW)
Max Power Output8,000Hp (6,000kW)
Tractive Effort 65,500lb (291kN)

Power System: 11,000V AC Overhead Electricity