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Kato HO 373021 EMD GP35 Phase Ia, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe (Dress Blue) #3301

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Road #3301

The EMD GP35 is a 4-axle diesel locomotive, manufactured between 1963 and 1965. More than 1200 locomotives werebuilt for US, Canadian and Mexican railroads in those brief years, as many railroads were upgrading from older EMD Funits or Alco locomotives. Originally designed for General Purpose (hence, GP) mainline duties, over the long lifespanof these locomotives they saw service in everything from mainline operation to switching and branchline service.There were numerous phase variations of the GP35, each with minor spotting differences such as number and locationsof hood latches and louvers, as well as differences between fuel trank frames.

- DCC Friendly mechanism with a standard 8-pin plug for easy decoder installation.
- Directional headlights
- Powerful five pole motor with dual brass flywheels
- Roadname specific Dynamic Brake or Non-Dynamic Brake hatches
- All wheel electrical pickup from blackened metal wheels
- Comes with a number of consumer applied detail parts such as truck brake cylinders, MU hoses, and grab irons.