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Walthers Mainline HO 910-2806 50' PC&F Insulated Boxcar, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RBBX #79448 (Green, Yellow; Refrigerator Express)

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Walthers Mainline HO 910-2806 50' PC&F Insulated Boxcar, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RBBX #79448 (Green, Yellow; Refrigerator Express)

These colorful WalthersMainline PC&F 50' Insulated boxcars are right at home on layouts from the 1960s to 2000s.Based on class RBL prototypes with insulation & load restraints, the prototypes were shipper favorites for food,beverages, packaged chemicals and finished wood products.

Limited edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
Seen coast-to-coast from 1960 to 2000s Affordably priced and nicely detailed with:
As-built version with high ladders & see-through running boards

Correct Plate B dimensions:
50' 8-1/4" Long over endsills
10' Wide
15' Tall
9' Youngstown plug doors

Detailed brake gear
Hydra-Cushion cylinder detail & extended draft gear
Late improved Dreadnaught ends
Diagonal panel roof
Riveted sides
70-ton roller bearing trucks



  • Limited edition -- one time run of these roadnumbers  
  • 2 different car numbers for each each roadname 
  • Correct 33" turned- Metal Wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) Metel Knuckle Couplers


A little bit about ACF Courtesy of Wikipedia

American Car and Foundry (often abbreviated as ACF) is an American manufacturer of railroad rolling stock. One of its subsidiaries was once (1925–54) a manufacturer of motor coaches and trolley coaches under the brand names of (first) ACF and (later) ACF-Brill. Today, ACF is known as ACF Industries LLC and is based in St. Charles, Missouri.[1] It is owned by investor Carl Icahn.

American Car and Foundry was formed and incorporated in New Jersey in 1899 as the result of the merger of 13 smaller railroad car manufacturers. The company was made up of:

A little bit about the Railroad itself.

The Green Mountain Railroad (reporting mark GMRC) is a class III railroad operating in Vermont.
GMRC operates on tracks that had been owned by the Rutland Railroad and Boston and Maine Railroad. The railroad operates on a rail line between North Walpole, New Hampshire, and Rutland, Vermont. Corporate colors are green and yellow.
Once owned by F. Nelson Blount, the founder of Steamtown, USA, GMRC controlled the tracks that were used for Steamtown's excursions between Riverside Station in Bellows Falls and Chester, Vermont. After Blount's death in 1967, GMRC changed hands, and a bitter relationship between two organizations developed.