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Digitrax UT4 Utility Throttle with 4 Digit Addressing and Infrared Capability

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The DT500 Advanced Super Throttle gives you direct control of two locos at a time with all the powerful features and flexibility serious model railroaders demand. 

The DT500 is designed to handle nearly every aspect of layout control.

The UT4 is designed for simple control of trains and their functions. 

Operators worldwide told us what they wanted in an affordable, easy to use "operator's" throttle and we made their dreams come true. 

The UT4 is perfect if you're looking for a "traditional" style throttle.  They are ideal for operating sessions and are great for novice users as well.  Their intuitive operation makes them easy for anyone to use.

It is factory equipped with Infrared LEDs for wireless operation using a UR90, UR91 or UR92.  All of these panels have infrared receiver capabilities.

UT4 Features:

  •  Works with any LocoNet compatible system

  •   2 to 4-digit addressing

  •  Functions F0-F12 for lighting and sound decoder operation

  • Direction switch with center break position

  • Large knob for precise throttle control
  • Traditional walkaround operation
  • Automatic locomotive selection and speed matching features
  • UT4 does not allow programming or turnout control
  • Infra-ready out of the box (with UR90 InfraRed Receiver sold separately)

Watch the UT4 Basics by Digitrax Video.