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Kato HO 35-6203 Baggage Car, Amtrak (Phase IVb/VI) #1231

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A must for every modern Amtrak Superliner train, the ready-to-run Kato Budd 73' Fluted-Side Baggage Car is based on the standard long-distance baggage cars used on many longer Amtrak runs. Used for passenger luggage, storage mail and parcel shipments during certain eras, these cars are fixtures between the locomotives and the first Superliner car. This car, based on a standard Budd fluted-side car as operated by Santa Fe before Amtrak, features appropriate trucks, detailed interior, exterior finish that matches other Kato cars and magnetic knuckle couplers. The Budd 73' Fluted-Side Baggage Car also has provisions to add interior lights, sold separately.