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Kato, HO Scale, 35-6074, Superliner I, Diner, Amtrak, Phase VI, #38028

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All Kato Superliner cars come with preinstalled detailing and thin railings. The passenger cars have complete upper and lower level interior detailing (which can be lit with the installation of an optional interior lighting kit 7-504, prototypical fluting on the exterior of the cars, and flush mounted and tinted windows. All cars have smooth rolling trucks with working bearing caps and shock absorber construction, and are weighted for a hefty feel and performance. The included Kinematic tight-lock couplers can be installed on both passenger and MHC's.

Lighting Options: The Passenger Cars have been designed for the easy installation a marker light kit #958046 sold separately. 

Prototype Information:

The Superliner I fleet was built from 1975-1981 by Pullman Standard and entered service in 1979. Amtrak's Superliners were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad, for their El Capitan all-coach train. A total of 479 were built and were retrofitted/refurbished as needed to meet demands. 

The Specifications of the Surfliner are:

  • Car Length: 85'
  • Width10'2"
  • Height 16'2"

Amtrak passenger trains can run with a variety of car combinations, including lounge cars, dining cars, and sleepers on longer distance trains, with shorter trains running mostly coaches with perhaps a dining car and a coach/baggage car. Amtrak Superlines run all over the country (with the exception of the northeast corridor, where high roofs and low tunnel ceilings pose a dangerous combination).


Perfectly suited to be pulled by Kato's EMD F40PH locomotives
All details factory installed
Metal weights give prototypical heft and momentum
Optional included Kinematic couplers allow prototypical close coupling while still navigating tight radii
Passenger cars have full interior detailing and can be lit with optional 7-504 interior lighting kit
Passenger cars have tinted, flush windows
Designed to easily illuminate marker lights with optional light board #958046 (included with Coach, Sleeper, and Coach-Baggage)
Free rolling, detailed trucks with rotating bearing caps and shock absorber construction
Crisp, elegant detailing

Marker Light board and optional Kinematic close coupling unit