Kato N 101669 TAKI 1000 Tank Cars, Japan Oil Terminal (Late Stage) 8-Car Set

Kato N 101669 TAKI 1000 Tank Cars, Japan Oil Terminal (Late Stage) 8-Car Set

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TAKI 1000 emerged in 1993 as a high speed tank car which could be operated at the maximum speed of 95 km / h. It consists of 45 ton tank body and FT 21 trucks of series KOKI 100.
As many as 988 cars had been produced till 2019 and owned by two companies, Japan Oil Transportation and Japan Oil Terminal and Logistics Co., Ltd.
TAKI 1000 (Late Stage) is in the simple livery of Japan Oil Transportation without Eco Rail sign, etc. that are seen in Nagoya area.
So the tank cars can be pulled by locomotives DF200 and EF64 1000 JR Freight, etc. which are planned for the simultaneous release.

Faithfully reproduce the details of various parts of the car body such as handrails, underframes, and piping.
Beautifully reproduces the body color peculiar to each oil transportation company
Japan Oil Terminal color featuring a bright blue band
apan Oil Transport color featuring a two-tone green and gray body color
New Japan Oil "ENEOS" Japan Oil Transport color with added mark
Japan Oil Terminal color (with Yaha mark) featuring the body color of "Super Oil Express"
"Eco Rail Mark" which is a recent specification is expressed by printing (Eco Rail) (With mark)
Uses small diameter wheels like the actual vehicle.

Commercialized with a simple Japan Oil Transportation color as a prototype from the group classified as the late model manufactured after 1998 (1998)
Frame Reproduce the equipped brakes and improved FT21A dolly
Reproduce the appearance of the side ladders painted separately like the tank
Realistically reproduce the body shape of the different diameter body by utilizing the plastic molding technology
Adopt a snap-on dolly
Each car uses a bogie mount type Arnold coupler