WaltherMainline, 910-9939, EMD F7 A-B Set, Locomotive, CSX, #116 & #119

WaltherMainline, 910-9939, EMD F7 A-B Set, Locomotive, CSX, #116 & #119

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WaltherMainline, 910-9943, EMD F7 A/B, Locomotive, Norfolk Southern, #270, #276 (Tuxedo: black, Imitation Aluminum, Dulux Gold)


These WalthersMainline F7s are perfect power for those HO fan trips, shipper's specials, and other special events you have planned! This run brings you classic A-B sets and matching A units in five later schemes, all based on the heritage and executive units rebuilt for public relations duties by several lines from the 1980s on. Features of these layout-ready models include:

  • Limited edition - one time run of these road numbers!

  • Colorful paint and lettering schemes

  • Factory-installed handrails

    Same powerful drive as WalthersProto(R) locos featuring:

  • Five-pole skew-wound motor

  • 14:1 gear ratio

  • Helical-cut gears for quiet, easy multiple unit operations

  • All-wheel drive and electrical pickup

  • Dual machined brass flywheels

  • Heavy die-cast metal chassis

  • Constant and directional lights

  • 21-pin plug on Standard DC models for easy DCC conversion

  • RP-25 metal wheels

  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers