4318013587514 - Walthers Mainline 910-30351, 85' Budd Observation - Amtrak Phase Iii - Rj's Trains

Walthers Mainline, 910-30351, HO Scale, 85' Budd Observation, Amtrak, Phase III

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Add luxury lounge space on your classic streamliner quickly and easily with this WalthersMainline HO Scale 85' Budd Observation! A common car on many trains, the trademark "boat tail" end of the car offered riders a receding view of the rails through wrap-around windows as they relaxed with their favorite beverages or snacks. Nicely detailed, affordably priced and built tough for years of dependable service, this car is based on fluted-side cars used my many North American railroads. 85' Budd observation are perfect for use with other WalthersMainline HO Scale Streamlined Passenger Cars. 

Model passenger service in minutes at WalthersMainline prices!

  • Based on streamlined cars used by many roads
  • Eight authentic car types
  • Operates on 18" radius curves
  • Correct prototype 85' length
  • Tinted window "glass"
  • Fully assembled, ready to enjoy
  • Rugged construction for years of service
  • Detailed body
  • Full interior
  • Correct 36" turned metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers