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Walthers Mainline HO 910-2032 50' FGE Insulated Box Car, Conrail #360604

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Add color to your freight operations in minutes with these HO Scale 50' FGE Insulated Boxcars from WalthersMainline. Fully assembled and railroad ready, the cars feature: Prototypes in service early-1970s to modern era, Perfect for serving warehouses, canning plants, printing plants, paper mills and other industries, Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers and Correct 33" turned-metal wheels.


Prototype History

In 1982 Fruit Growers Express, or FGE (owned by CSX) needed to repair and upgrade their 20 year old existing fleet of RBL boxcars (insulated plug door cars with moveable load dividers). About 2,500 of these RBL cars were supposed to be retrofitted with a modified load divider system as well as installing Chemply fiberglass resistant lining to the sidewalls and upgrading the cushioned underframe and the plug door system.

Source: "The History of the Solid Gold Reefers"