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Walthers Mainline HO 910-2187 50' ACF Exterior-Post Box Car, Montana Rail Link #21209

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Serve shippers on your railroad with these WalthersMainline 50' ACF Exterior-Post Boxcars. Responding to a growing shortage of serviceable cars, ACF and other builders unveiled a new generation of bigger equipment in the 1970s with increased width and height to improve carrying capacity. Today, they're still in service for Railbox and many other roads, where they can be found moving all types of cargo. Features of these models include: Prototypes seen from coast-to-coast 1974 to the present, Handles all types of general, Used by Railbox and dozens of other railroads freight loading, Correct Plate B dimensions, Correct 33" turned-metal wheelsets and Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers


  • Correct 33" turned- Metal Wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) Metel Knuckle Couplers


A little bit about ACF Courtesy of Wikipedia

American Car and Foundry (often abbreviated as ACF) is an American manufacturer of railroad rolling stock. One of its subsidiaries was once (1925–54) a manufacturer of motor coaches and trolley coaches under the brand names of (first) ACF and (later) ACF-Brill. Today, ACF is known as ACF Industries LLC and is based in St. Charles, Missouri.[1] It is owned by investor Carl Icahn.

American Car and Foundry was formed and incorporated in New Jersey in 1899 as the result of the merger of 13 smaller railroad car manufacturers. The company was made up of:

A little bit about the Railroad itself.

BASED IN MISSOULA, Montana Rail Link (MRL) is a Class II regional railroad that operates over 900 route miles of track in Montana and Idaho and employs nearly 1,200 dedicated professionals. MRL services over 150 local Montana businesses and moves their products to domestic and international markets on a daily basis. MRL remains committed to providing transportation services that result in long-term growth and prosperity for the company, and its customers and employees. MRL professionals live by the values of fairness, integrity, respect, safety and trust. MRL is committed to the safety of all employees, the general public, its customers, and to being a good neighbor in the communities it serves. As a BNSF partner, its rail shipments help feed, clothe, supply and power American and international homes and businesses every day.

 Source:  Montana Rail Company Website