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Walthers Proto 920-100134 40' UTLX 16,000 Gallon Funnel-Flow Tank Car, J.M. Huber #69014

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Walthers Proto HO 920-100134 40' 16K Tank Car, J. M. Huber

Limited Edition - One Time Run of These Roadnumbers!
Used for Food Products, Chemicals, Slurries & More 1960s to Present
Etched Metal Walkways & Platforms
Factory-Installed Grab Irons
Brake Train Pipe & Brake Rigging Underbody Detail
Road-Specific Placement of Manways & Safety Valves
Ultra-Smooth Rolling Metal Axles & 36" Wheelsets
Proto MAX Metal Knuckle Couplers

Proto Type Information

Kaolin, a fine white clay, is produced by the natural chemical weathering of aluminum silicate minerals such as feldspar. Mined in the southeast United States (primarily Georgia and Florida), kaolin is used in the manufacture of ceramics, bricks, light bulbs, cosmetics, medicines and food additives. The largest use is in the manufacturing of paper, especially in creating glossy paper. Kaolin is shipped both as a dry powder in covered hoppers and in tank cars with water as a slurry. In the slurry form the weight of water requires the tank cars be smaller capacity compared to other liquids such as ethanol and LPG. Identical tank cars are also used to haul calcium carbonate slurry, used in the making of lime and cement.

One of the more modern versions of the clay slurry tank car is designed and manufactured by UTLX Manufacturing Inc (formerly Union Tank Car). The car is a 286K (referring to a 286,000 pound gross rail load limit) design with a capacity of approximately 16,000 gallons. The capacity varies slightly between UTLX and Englehard, the operators of the cars. The car is an AAR Plate C clearance car with a 111-inch I.D. tank and an overall length of 44 feet. For a complete bottom unloading the car incorporates a Funnel-Flow design. The cars are lined and kept in dedicated service to avoid cross-contamination.

TYPE: UTLX Manufacturing
COUPLER STYLE: Upper/Lower Shelf Knuckle Couplers
ERA: 1999 - Present
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years