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Walther's Proto HO 920-109203 Gunderson As-Built All-Purpose 48' Well Car Burlington Northern #61002 (red, blue)

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Road # 61002
Upgrade intermodal operations with WalthersProto Gunderson As-Built 48' Well Cars! 

With the arrival of longer 45' and shortly afterwards 48' trailers and containers for domestic service in the 1990s, railroads quickly found themselves in need of cars to better handle both types of equipment and serve smaller terminals. Gunderson introduced a longer version of its popular 40' well cars, equipped with connectors for containers and hitches for trailers. The versatile design proved to be popular into the 1990s, and while their numbers are declining, older 48' cars that are still in good shape and years from retirement are in service today handling 20' and 40' containers in the wells and larger boxes on top.

Perfect for modern-era operations, features of Walthers Proto Gunderson As-Built 48' Well Cars include:
Limited edition - one time run of these roadnumbers!
Prototypes in service 1990s to present
Carries containers & trailers from 20 to 48' in well
Factory-installed trailer hitches at both ends
Etched metal see-through walkways
Heavy die-cast metal body for excellent tracking empty or loaded
Factory-installed wire grab irons, brake gear & other details
Ultra-smooth rolling metal axles & 33" wheelsets
Proto MAX metal knuckle couplers