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Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time HO 40042 Gunderson 62' Bulkhead Flat Car with Wood Planking for Bulkheads, Golden West Service #443038

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Road Number#: 443038

from Wheels of Time: 
Fun Facts - 
Developed at the request by S.P. shippers wishing for a 57 feet of clear space onbulkhead flats to allow full utilization of 70 ton capacity before it "cube" out. S.P.paid Gunderson (GBEC) $12,186 each for bulkhead equipped flats and $10,000 for plain flat cars. It took 10 gallons of Sherwin-Williams "Metal to Metal" FreightCar paint per car. Bulkhead flat cars were routinely pressed into lumber serviceeven though they were intended for plasterboard service. Delivered in 3/66, 4/66,5/66 as 125 plain decks and 125 bulkhead-equipped flats . Still in service as UP MOW cars in ex-Golden West Service blue. 

Context & Operation - 
Since the post war period in U.S., there was a remarkable housing boom especially in Southern California. Getting lumber from the lumber mills in the Pacific Northwest to the lumber yards across the nation became a little bit of a challenge due to a shortage of usable equipment. Solid trains of lumber cars were the norm. A common sight in the west were witnessing solid SP trains of lumber crawling up the Tehachapi grade at a snails pace with engines whining at run 8 or just empty strings of flat cars returning from winding through the mountain passes on their way back to the Willamette Valley. These solid empty trains of flat cars were designated by SP as 'XMUG' (Empty Eugene, OR). Further,solid cuts of lumber cars from the Willamette Valley headed east over connecting roads.

Precise tooling and details. Stand-off grab irons, and ladders, coupler lift bars, brakehoses, metal wheels, fine printing, smooth rolling, multiple car numbers all for your lumber and general freight needs. The wood planking on the bulkhead will be removable!

Equipped with Kadee #58 couplers.