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The N scale has gained significant popularity in the world of model railways. This scale, which can range from 1:148 to 1:160 depending on the manufacturer or country, is commonly regarded as 1:159 for practical purposes. The corresponding width is 9 mm to 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1/2 in), reflecting the standard gauge width of a railway.

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HO Scale

The HO scale is the most popular choice for model railways worldwide. It uses a 1:87 scale ratio, making it a great option for creating detailed and realistic models. The distance between the rails in HO scale is 16.5 millimeters, which corresponds to the standard gauge of 1,435 millimeters.

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O Scale

The O Scale (1:48) is a widely known and well-established scale within the industry, renowned for its extensive range of top-notch trains and accessories. With its larger size compared to HO scale trains, O scale trains offer a multitude of impressive features and exceptional attention to detail. Noteworthy manufacturers in the O scale market include Lionel, MTH, Atlas, and Williams, among many others.

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Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND
Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND
Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND
Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND

Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND

Regular price $219.98 Sale price$139.99

Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-20487, EMD GP9 Phase II With High Hood, Pennsylvania, #7026, DCC & SOUND EQUIPPED 


Based on as-built units produced from 1955 to 1957 (Phase II).

Standard high short hood
Scale width hood with correct contours
With or without dynamic brakes as appropriate
Front and rear footboards or front plow and flat rear pilot as appropriate
See-through steps
Constant and directional warm white LED headlights
Correct size RP-25 metal wheels
Molded drill starter points
Same powerful drive as WalthersProto locos featuring:
- Five-pole skew-wound motor
- 14 to 1 gear ratio
- Helical-cut gears for quiet operation and easy multiple unit operation
- All-wheel drive and electrical pickup
- Machined brass flywheel
- Heavy die-cast metal chassis

DCC Command, Control

Enjoy total control with Digital Command Control, providing Smooth DC & DCC operation, plus sound effects like engine noises, horns & bells. Our range of top brands, including Train Control Systems, ESU, and Soundtraxx, bring your model train to life with sound modules, speakers, and other sound accessories. Put the power in your hands and enjoy the experience of model railroading.

DCC Sound Decoders

Upgrade your locomotive fleet by incorporating DCC & Sound operation capabilities. Explore the diverse selection available to suit your locomotives.

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DCC Mobile Decoders

Leverage the benefits of DCC operation to enhance the power and flexibility of your locomotive fleet.

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Speakers and Enclosures

The specifically engineered Speakers, along with accompanying enclosures if necessary, will deliver high-quality sounds from your sound decoders.

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DCC Installation Accessories

To streamline the wiring of your sound systems, there are various specialized products at your disposal. These include Wires, Harnesses, and Power Protectors, among others.

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PanPastel Colors are professional artist-quality soft pastel colors packed into a unique, “cake-like” pan. The possibilities are endless!

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