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When production of the GP20 tank car was completed in 1984, Procor had built almost 1000 cars of this design. They are in use across North America in both fleet service and lease service to numerous companies.
RJS Trains is excited to offer Rapidos's N Scale Procor GP20 Tank Cars!
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N Scale

Broadway Limited SD70ACe

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Rapido Trains

The Workforce of the commuter Line

Rapido Trains has Truly outdone Themselves again! With These HO Scale Chevrolet Automobiles!

Great cars with No Sticker Price Shock
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Kato N Scale
Union Pacific FEF-3
Freight Version #838

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InterMountain N Scale
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Broadway Limited
ATSF 4000 Class 2-8-2

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Paragon 4 with Rolling Thunder


Amazing Detail

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HO Scale Steam

Steam Locomotives are a very special addition to any railroad. Even in a modern Era there are excursion trains that runs Steam Engines.

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HO Scale Diesel

The first successful diesel engines used Diesel-Electric Transmissions, and by 1925 a small number of diesel locomotives of 600 hp (450 kW) were in service in the United States.

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HO Scale Electric

Electric locomotives have been for passenger trains on the NE Corridor for Amtrak. All other long-distance passenger service and, with rare exception all freight is hauled by diesel-electric locomotives.

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HO Scale Rolling Stock

HO Scale Box Cars


HO Scale Tank Cars


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N Scale Locomotives

N Scale Steam

Travel back in time When Traveling by Stream was part of Jounrey. When Large Steam Egngines Like the BigBoy rulled the rails.

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N Scale Diesel

From the early days of the EMD E3, Sleek PA's to Modern SD70's and GE ES44's Diesels are here to haul todays Freight and Passenger Services.

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N Scale Electric

Electric Locomotives have been around since the turn of the 20th century and even traces back further. From the Beautiful and powerful GG1's to the Metroliners and Amtrak's ALP-44 and HHL which boast over 4,000 horsepower. The electrics rule the North East Coast.

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N Scale Rolling Stock

N Scale Covered Hopper

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N Scale Flat Car

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InterMountain 33" & 36" Bulk-Packs are Back!

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DCC Decoders & Accessories

DCC Sound Decoders

Add the power and flexibility of DCC & Sound operation to your existing locomotive fleet. There are many different types to accommodate your locomotive.

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DCC Mobile Decoders

Add the power and flexibility of DCC operation to your existing locomotive fleet.

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Speakers and Enclosures

These specially designed Speakersalong with supporting enclosures, when needed, will bring rich sounds from your sound decoders.

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Installation Accessories

There are a number of items designed to make wiring your sound systems easier. From Wires, Harnesses and Power Protectors to name a few.

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A revolutionary new way to use color.


PanPastel Colors are professional artist-quality soft pastel colors packed into a unique, “cake-like” pan. The possibilities are endless!

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