The Union Pacific Challengers were a type of simple articulated 4-6-6-4 steam locomotive built by American Locomotive Company for the Union Pacific. 105 of these locomotives were built between 1936 and 1943. The Challengers were about 122 ft (37 m) long and weighed 284,800 kg. Primarily in freight service, they operated over most of the Union Pacific system. A few were assigned to passenger trains operating through mountain territory to California and Oregon. The locomotives were built specifically for UP and much of the experience gained later went into the design of the famous Big Boy.

The name Challenger was given to steam locomotives with a 4-6-6-4 wheel arrangement. This means that they have four wheels in the leading pilot truck, which helps guide the locomotive into curves, two sets of six driving wheels, and finally four trailing wheels, which support the rear of the engine and its massive firebox.


Each set of six driving wheels is driven by two steam cylinders. In essence, the result is two engines under one boiler. The Union Pacific Railroad sponsored development of this type to meet the need for higher speeds in main-line service. Historically, articulated locomotives had been limited to slow speeds by factors inherent in their design. The technical breakthroughs achieved with the Challenger enabled the carrier to develop the Big Boy with the same speed expectations. Speeds in excess of 60 M.P.H., while unheard-of on other railroads using articulated steam locomotives, became commonplace on the Union Pacific.

Only two of the original 105 Challengers survive today, both which are from the 4664-4 order built in 1943. One remains on static display, while the other has been restored to operating condition by Union Pacific as part of its steam program.

The surviving Challengers and their locations are:

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Its' been a pleasure running the UP Challenger on the club layout over the last few days. The wheels got their pre cleaning prior to the initial break in time and finally it was time to add a few passenger cars.

She ran beautifully. Not a derailment, even over some tricky track or loss of power where it sometimes can happen on the layout.

The detail is amazing and for the money Broadway Limited is King when it comes to Steam Engines!

PS The Wedding Couple at the church is Mr and Mrs

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