HO Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack from Atlas are on their way to the USA!

HO Gunderson Multi-Max Auto Rack from Atlas are on their way to the USA!

Atlas Multi-Max are on the Containership (12/15) heading Model Railroaders soon.

In 2013, Greenbrier Companies introduced their new design of 89’ auto rack, the Multi-Max™. The new design allows for changing configurations from a Bi-Level to a Tri-Level (and back) without adding or removing decks. The racks are fully compatible with existing 89’ auto racks. To this date, most of the racks have been built on Greenbrier Companies’ own specially designed 89’ flat cars. These cars are commonly seen in cuts of other similar autorack cars or a solid unit train of autorack cars. Currently, almost 10,000 cars (with racks)are running on North American rails. Atlas’ rendition of the Multi-Max™ will feature multiple variations and road names.




  • Designed in the USA
  • All new flat car and superstructure Tooling
  • Newly tooled trucks
  • Four body style variations to match different prototype configurations
  • Highly detailed side screens to maximize prototypical appearance in scale
  • Metal couplers
  • Accurate painting and lettering

There are several road Names from that are being released. With each having several road numbers.

  • CP-SOO
  • CP-SOO
  • CN-GTW

Kansas City Southern Multi-Max


BNSF [Orange]


Keep an eye out for theses on RJsTrains.com in about 6 weeks.

Source and Pictures Atlasrr.com

Additional information on the Prototype:


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