ATSF 4000 Class 2-8-2

    The first Mikado type locomotives on the ATSF came from the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1902. The Santa Fe took delivery of 308 2-8-2 Mikados over the next 25 years. The last group was the 4000 Class built by Baldwin between 1921 and 1926. The class consists of 101 locomotives. Our model is a reproduction of the locomotives numbered 4015 - 4100. All of our models feature a Delta trailing truck, extended cab, 15k gallon tender, Elesco feedwater heater, and Walshaert valve gear. We are modeling two primary variations - a standard road service version, and a later switching service version. The switcher version has switching pilots on the front and rear, and also a large rear headlight mounted on the tender deck. We have also modeled two main driver variations - spoked and disc versions - which will be installed on the correct road numbers per prototype photographs.

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