HO Scale Amtrak Charger SC-44

    Bachmann’s all new DCC sound-equipped SC-44 Charger uses Siemen Mobility’s original design documentation and sound files. This model includes a TCS WOWSound® CD-Quality 16-bit 44,100Hz decoder with Audio Assist® for easy configuration without programming CVs and a Keep-Alive® device for uninterrupted operation,even over dirty track. The WOWSound® diesel-electric locomotive sound package includes horn, bell, primemover, start-up/shutdown, compressor, cooling fan, coupler close/release, brake release and application, crewalert, grade crossing quill, departing and arriving station announcements, and more. Loaded with prototypical features, the Charger brings all the sights and sounds of Siemen’s diesel electric locomotive to your layout.


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    • Siemens-approved design
    • DCC sound-equipped for sound, speed, direction, and lighting control
    • TCS true CD quality audio in 16-bit 44,100Hz sound
    • Keep-Alive® device that keeps your engine running during power interruptions due to dirty track or loss of electrical contact
    • voice-guided Audio Assist® programming tool for easy set-up of almost all decoder functionality
    • dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder
    • directional headlights
    • interior corridor work lights
    • roof-mounted strobe lights, per prototype
    • marker lights & MUCH MORE!

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