Broadway Limited Imports HO Scale Cab Forward 4-8-8-2

    Cab Forwards were a very distinct locomotive found, worldwide, only on the Southern Pacific in use over the Sierra Nevada mountain range as well as the railroad's main line between Dunsmuir, California to Portland, Oregon. The locomotive looks as if it is backwards and facing the wrong direction. However, this design was quite deliberate with its purpose being to keep train crews away from the thick smoke and dangerous gases that would build up in the numerous tunnels and snow sheds found in the SP’s main line over the Sierras (with winters and the colder months of the year being downright brutal).

    Along with Cab Forwards protecting crews from smoke and gases the unique locomotives were also quite powerful and had tremendous tractive effort to battle the region's steep grades. Today, only one example of these magnificent machines remains preserved at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento; Southern Pacific 4-8-8-2 #4294 which is housed in-doors at the facility.

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