Rapido, HO Scale, 23030, ALCo PA-1, Pennsylvania Railroad ,#5759

Rapido, HO Scale, 23030, ALCo PA-1, Pennsylvania Railroad ,#5759

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DCC READY Uses a 21 Pin decoder

Five Strip Scheme

The Alco PA series locomotives are considered by many to be the most attractive diesel locomotives ever produced. The PA locomotives were built by a partnership of American Locomotive and General Electric between 1946 and 1953. They offered two models, the PA-1 initially followed by the PA-2. Both were powered by Alco's 16-cylinder 244 diesel engine generating 2,000 HP in the PA-1 and 2,250 in the PA-2.

The PA locomotives were designed to compete with General Motors' EMD E-units in the passenger locomotive market. While one could argue the Alcos won in style, they did not win in reliability. Their 244 prime movers could not unseat the EMD 567, and the PAs were demoted to secondary service on many lines. Most were retired as passenger service declined in the 1960s, and nearly all were scrapped.

Correct nose and roof profiles 3D-scanned from the prototype
Loads of roadname-specific details
A units and A-B sets available
Dynamic or non-dynamic brake versions, where appropriate
Full underbody piping and conduit
Separate grab irons and handrails installed at the factory
Etched-metal grilles, where appropriate
Lit number boards, headlights and green and white class lights
Lit control stands and full cab interior
Operating Gyralite or red Mars light, where appropriate
Rapido's proven drive system adapted from the FA-2
DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready)