Roco, HO Scale, 72806, Self-Propelled Beilhack Rotary Snow Blower

Dear Model Railway Fan,

With its unbelievable fine motor technlogy, the model shows how far the production of model railways has already deve- loped; and the right sound travels with it.

The top model from Roco leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to its technology. The blower unit can be fully raised and lowered. The entire vehicle bridge is rotatable by 180°. The blower wheels rotate and the 1:87 scale machine is

perfectly rounded off by numerous switchable light and sound functions. We wish you hours of pleasure and a good journey!
Your Roco Team

The Original

The modern diesel-powered snow throwers were built by the company Beilhack in Bavaria, which today operates under the name Aebi-Schmidt-Holding. The martial-sounding name „Beilhack“ has a long tradition in snow plowing business and somehow fits in with the machines with their pre-cut- ting propellers and sharp rebar sheets. The clearing capacity is about 13,000 tons of snow per hour. The advantage of the Beilhack snow throwers lies in their easy handling. So no additional trac-
tion vehicle is needed for the operation. An equally great advantage is that the snow thrower can change direction on its own since the complete body can be rotated 180 degrees. Well over a dozen snow-goers in this performance class have been discontinued since the product launch in the 1980‘s.