Soundtraxx DCC & Sound Decoders and Accessories for HO Scale

    From the Soundtraxx Catalogue 

    SoundTraxx has been designing and manufacturing the latest in state-of-the-art sound systems for the discriminating model railroader for over 25 years. Our expertise in creating innovative and fun products for DCC and sound cannot be surpassed.

    Many of our ground-breaking features began with our early products. Our first product was a powerful little lighting system called the Hyperlight. The Hyperlight was the first microprocessor-controlled lighting system to provide brilliant, selectable lighting effects —all within one product.

    We still incorporate this system into our Digital Sound Decoders. In 1992, our first steam sound system included the first digital, playable whistle. Today our sound decoders use a more sophisticated version of this feature. Steam versions also introduced our customers to Dynamic Digital ExhaustTM, a method of adjusting the sound volume and 'cut-off ' of the steam exhaust chuff automatically. This enhanced the illusion of a steam locomotive coasting into the station or working to ascend a steep grade. This feature has evolved into one of the most exciting new features for steam, diesel, and electric locomotives in our new line of Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders.

    Our Fireman Fred features (named to describe a set of sound effects associated with the work of a locomotive fireman) were the first of their kind. They have been a popular addition to SoundTraxx steam sound decoders over the years. Tsunami2 diesel sound decoders now include Fireman Ed features, while Motorman Omura tends to Tsunami2 electric engines.

    We incorporate industry leading technology into easy-to-use products in our new Tsunami2 and Econami lines of Digital Sound Decoders. We continue to invest in cutting-edge manufacturing machinery and emphasize quality control and customer support. Our current sound decoders can play a multitude of sounds including whistles, bells, airhorns, compressors, dynamic brakes, and diesel engine prime movers. Above all we think model trains are fun just like you do, and we strive to maximize this feeling with each of our products.