Broadway Limited, 1682, GoPack! Power Continuity Capacitor Pack with plug
Broadway Limited

Broadway Limited, 1682, GoPack! Power Continuity Capacitor Pack with plug

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Do you have intermittent power problems with your layouts? Be it dirty track, pesky frogs or switches, GoPack! provides power to your locomotive even when your layout doesn’t. Designed specifically for Paragon3TM locomotives, just plug GoPack! into the onboard port on the locomotive and enjoy continuous power, no matter what layout you’re on. Each GoPack! provides between 2-6 seconds of uninterrupted power.

Controllable for DCC: When used with a Paragon3 Revision H or above decoder, GoPack! has programmable CVs which allow your locomotive to be programmed on the program track even with GoPack! onboard.


Dimensions: 30mm x 13mm x 9mm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which models can accept a GoPack?

HO Scale Paragon2 and Paragon3 (Revision E and lower Paragon3 decoder boards) can have the GoPack added via solder points. The solder points for the aforementioned decoders are under Technical Update Bulletins on our website.
HO Scale Paragon3 models (Revision H and above Paragon3 decoder boards) have a socket to accept the wiring from a GoPack making it a “Plug’N’Play” device with no soldering involved.

There is no GoPack for N Scale models at this time.

How do I know which decoder board revision is in my model?

If your model’s box has the “Accepts GoPack” logo – you have a Revision H board installed.

If your model's box has this logo on it, GoPack! is plug and play.


If you see the small socket directly next to the speaker output socket on the decoder – you have a revision H board.

If you look at the top of the decoder, you will see “HO-300-X” – whatever is in the place of “X” is what your board revision is.

Which models are “GoPack Ready” for plug and play operation?

Models with the “Accepts GoPack!” logo have the Revision H or above board (which means it has the socket), and we’ve done the work to ensure there is enough space under the shell for it to fit under there.

Will the GoPack! affect my ability to program on the program track?

Programming on the mainline is no problem with the GoPack! However, if you'd like to read/write CV's on the program track in Paged Mode and/or Direct Mode you can either set CV221 to disable the GoPack! and then let the capacitors discharge (Revision H decoders and above only) or for a solder type installation you can either wire an On/Off switch in-line, or unplug the wiring from the GoPack! socket while programming.

Can I send my revision E decoder in for a Revision H decoder?

Yes, no problem and just a $20 S&H fee (or $35 International) – it’s a one-for-one swap as long as the Revision E decoder is working when it arrives. If the board arrives defective, there is a $99 fee for an out-of-warranty replacement decoder in addition to the cost of the GoPack.

Can I send my model in for you to add a GoPack for me?

Yes, there is a flat rate $89 fee (in addition to the cost of the GoPack!) that covers all parts, labor, and shipping back to you for this service. You would be responsible for shipping the model to us.

Can I use the GoPack on models that were not manufactured by BLI?

We’ve not tested for this, and would not guarantee any compatibility with other models.

Which BLI models cannot work with the GoPack?

Blueline, PCM, and QSI equipped models are not compatible with the GoPack – only Paragon2 and Paragon3 HO Scale.


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