PanPastel, 29215, Artist Pastel, Pewter

PanPastel, 29215, Artist Pastel, Pewter

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PanPastel, 29215, Artist Pastel, Pewter

Each PanPastel Color is loaded with the highest quality artists' pigments; and is made using a unique manufacturing process requiring minimal binder, resulting in rich, ultra soft and low dust colors. PanPastel Colors can be mixed for an infinite palette of colors.Each pan contains 9ml (0.30 fl oz) of color. 40% more than the average pastel stick, and yielding approx. 4-5 times more coverage.

PanPastel Colors are fully compatible with:

  • Pastel sticks, pencils, markers.
  • Other artist’s colors and mediums for mixed media techniques.
  • Most art & craft surfaces (from delicate handmade papers to toothy pastel surfaces).
  • Conventional spray fixatives.
This product may contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

WARNING: Do Not Ingest
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm