Digitrax, SDH186MT, Premium 8-Bit SoundFX Mobile Decoder, 21MTC interface

Digitrax, SDH186MT, Premium 8-Bit SoundFX Mobile Decoder, 21MTC interface

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SDH186MT SoundFX®


              With programable Generic Steam or a Generic GP38 Diesel Sounds

  • Mobile Decoder with 8-Bit SoundFX
  • 21MTC interface with Configurable Logic Level or 12v F3-6 function outputs
  • 2 Selectable Steam & Diesel Sound Schemes
  • 1.0 Amp/2 Amps Peak
  • 8 FX3 Functions, 200ma output
  • Series 6 Decoder Features
  • Works with PX112-2 Power Xtender
  • Speaker sold separately
  • 1.15”x.64”x.21”
    29.28mm x 16.26mm x 5.34mm


  • Digitrax SoundFX® Sound System
    • Your locomotives will sound in scale like the real thing with SoundFX Customizable 8 Bit Sound
      Works with SoundFX 8 Bit sound files
      3 Simultaneous Voices
      Downloadable Sound with Digitrax PR3 and SoundLoader 2.0 software 4 Megabit Onboard Sound Memory
      1 Watt Sound Output
      Cam input-synchronized Steam-chuff option for Steam locos
      Scaleable Speed Stabilization(BEMF) optimized for sound operation  


  • Configurable Logic Level or 12v F3-6 function outputs.
  • SoundFX does not require an external rate sensor to vary workload.
  • Smart Power Management-no more booster or programmer shutdowns!
  • Program CVs using any Digitrax Compatible Control system without having to buy any extra equipment.
  • Compatible with Locomotives using the 21MTC Interface
  • Series 6 Decoder Features.
  • Works with PX112-2 Power Extender
  • Digitrax FX3 Functions-Control lights and functions for prototypical lighting effects and on/off control.
  • Configurable FX3 Pulse Function available on all function outputs.
  • Digitrax LocoMotion® System – Lets your trains run like the real thing!
  • Basic, Advanced & UniVersal Consisting.
  • SuperSonic motor drive for silent operation.
  • Direct mode programming.
  • Decoder Reset CV with or without speed table reset.
  • Transponder Equipped ready for transponding on your Layout.
  • Motor Isolation Protection helps prevent damage to your decoder.
  • DCC Compatible.
  • FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant.
  • Digitrax “No Worries” Warranty.

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