Kato, N Scale, 10-1677, Series 233-2000 "Shinkaisoku", 4-Car Set

Kato, N Scale, 10-1677, Series 233-2000 "Shinkaisoku", 4-Car Set

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The 223 series 2000 series "Special Rapid Service", which is active in the Kansai area, has been renewed and commercialized in its current form. As the definitive edition of the 223 series, the 2000 series, which appeared in 1999, is a vehicle that aims to reduce manufacturing costs, and there are differences in form depending on the vehicle manufacturer, differences depending on the manufacturing time, etc. is. Since 2013, the leading inter-vehicle fall prevention holo has been installed as a measure to prevent passengers from falling from the platform, and it is playing an active role in "Special Rapid Service".

Consists of powered car - Car 2
Working head and tail lights
Equipped with flywheel drive
Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 (sold separately)