PanPastel, 20012, Pearlescent Medium, White Coarse

PanPastel, 20012, Pearlescent Medium, White Coarse

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PanPastel, 20012, Pearlescent Medium, White Course

PanPastel Mediums are additives that can extend the techniques and finished effects and alter how your colors work. These mediums have all of the great characteristics of PanPastel colors including being incredibly mixable, erasable, low dust, and lightfast. Pearl Mediums can give paints a jewel-like quality and can create specialized tints. The colorless blender increase transparency in any PanPastel colors.


Key Features:

  • Fine Pearl Mediums create subtle, soft pearl sheen
  • Coarse Pearl Mediums contain larger particles for shimmering sparkle
  • Colorless blender increases transparency and enhances color “flow"
  • Low Dust, lightfast, professional quality

Perfect For:

  • Enhancing Pastel and Mixed Media Artworks
  • Pastel Artists of all Levels
  • Creating unusual effects
  • Use with PanPastels and Traditional Pastels