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Train Control Systems

Train Control Systems 1694 WOWSpeaker, 28mm High Base Round Speaker

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You haven’t heard WOWSound until you’ve heard it through our 28mm 4W High Bass WOWSpeaker! This speaker can deliver an unprecedented 4 watts of power, and showcases a mighty bass reflex that packs quite the sonic punch. Your layout will rumble and vibrate underneath your locos in prototypical fashion, and you might find yourself concerned that there's an actual locomotive roaming around somewhere in your house!

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but in this case… well, it does. Measuring in at 13.5mm (0.53") thick (includes rubberized mounting gasket) this speaker is considerably taller than it’s round cousin, and that extra length is where the magic happens. This speaker is still 28mm (1.1") in diameter - exactly like our 28mm round speakers -  and will still fit within a 28mm speaker footprint. The larger speaker driver will easily handle any and all roaring, grumbling, wheezing, and horn blasting you can throw at it. The specially-designed aluminum cone allows for a greater bass response that produces deeper and richer sounds, closer to the prototype than ever!

The speaker comes with an adhesive mounting gasket, which allows for unrestricted movement of the cone after installation. The speaker should be installed with the gasket partially (not entirely) compressed. This gasket prevents provides a space in front of the speaker which allows the cone to fully deflect; this prevents distortion or other physical damage to the speaker cone, and ensures longer life within your model compared to similar speakers without a gasket which will make contact with whatever they are mounted against.

There's never been a better time to invest in your model railroad sound infrastructure - everyone is getting serious about sound quality across the hobby. With the response we've already received, these speakers very well might become the new standard companion for sound decoders. Partner the highest-quality sound in the industry with speakers that can do it justice!  Turn heads and tickle ears at the club  when you order your High Bass speakers today!



Power Rating: 3W (Typical) 4W (Peak) DC Impedance: 4 Ω ± 15%, at 1,000 Hz., 1.0 V
Resonant Frequency: 250 ±20% Hz/1V Operating Temperature: -20º C to + 60º C
Effective Frequency Band: 250 Hz. to 20 kHz. Sound Pressure Level: 84 ± 3.0 dB (A), at 0.63 V, 0.1 m, Average 500,1,000, 2,000, 4,000 (Hz ), at 25°C