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Tru-Color Paint

Tru-Color Paint, TCP-221, AirBrush Ready, NYC '45-'50 Freight Car Red, 1oz

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Product Information

Tru-color paint is a solvent based paint with an acrylic polymer used as the binding agent which adheres very well to plastic or metal models, when those models are properly prepared. The pigments and/or dyes used to produce the correct colors are very finely ground so that they do not clog air-brushes.

The paint is designed for use on plastic models with no priming necessary, although you can use a primer if desired.  Brass models must be sandblasted or treated before applying Tru-Color or the paint will not adhere properly.

Recommended airbrush pressure is 28 to 35psi. Not mixable with any other brands of paint, but can be sprayed over most fully cured colors from other manufacturers (experiment on a small section before proceeding).

No additional gloss coat is necessary before applying decals to gloss or semi-gloss colors.

Cross Reference Only:

Floquil or Polyscale # N/A


Use acetone for airbrush cleanup, but do NOT thin Tru-Color Paint with acetone.

Paint upkeep:

Because the bottles are plastic, some solvent may have escaped through evaporation. Fill the bottle with thinner to just below the neck and that should be the correct amount of solvent to pigment. Of course experiment to see what works best for you.


To insure proper adhesion for plastic models – wash the model in mild soapy water to remove residual processing oils and dirt, rinse thoroughly with clean water and let dry or use a lint free cloth to dry. It is now ready to be painted. For metal models (brass for example), sand blast or treat the metal surface in some fashion to give tru-color paint a prepared surface to adhere to. Then use our primer, tru-color paint 007 or 256, and spray paint the model, allow sufficient drying time and then paint the model with the desired color(s).

From the Manufacture:

All paints are composed of pigments and/or dyes held in a binder (polymer) which adheres to the item being painted suspended or dissolved in a liquid. Some paints are water based (latex type), enamels (lacquer base) and some are solvent based. Polymers used to produce paints can be acrylics, rubber (latex), epoxies, urethanes and various others. Polymers form the matrix that the pigments/dyes are dispersed in that allows the color to “stick” to the item being painted. Without the polymers (which by definition are “plastic”) the pigments/dyes would rub off.

If you have any questions visit: Try-Color Paint FAQ Page

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