Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-3958, 57' Mechanical Reefer, Pacific Fruit Express, #456051

Walthers Mainline, HO Scale, 910-3959, 57' Mechanical Reefer, Pacific Fruit Express, #456332

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Based on cars built by Pacific Car & Foundry (PC&F) for Pacific Fruit Express & several railroads from 1967 to 1968. Seen all across North America moving products from growers to cold storage plants & regional grocery distributors into the early 2000s. Prototypes carried all types of fresh fruit & vegetables, plus canned & frozen foods.

One time run of these road numbers, order now - limited quantity available!
Fully assembled in colorful period schemes & nicely detailed
Hydra-Cushion underframe
Short ladders & low hand brakes
9' Youngstown plug door with separate latch bars
Authentic Stanray peaked, ribbed roof with capped exhaust stack
Detailed underbody with brake gear & fuel tanks
70-ton roller bearing trucks
Correct 33" RP-25 turned-metal wheelsets
Proto MAXTM metal knuckle couplers